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Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

Over 15M Naira Recorded  within the short period of time doing this business. Can any business beat norland ? NO

Forget about the way network marketing is done and give me few minutes so i show you how it should be done. the same method i have used to make over 12Million Naira from this company within 8months is what i am about to show you. 

Here are few reasons you haven’t had great success with any network marketing company you have tried.

1.    You join late

2.    You are still doing it the old way

3.    You are doing it the traditional way.

If you have ever done any network marketing before such as “Forever Living, GNLD, Global Alliance in Motion, Kedi Health, Trevo, Edmark, Longrich, Oriflame” etc… just name it. That’s how norland is but the most special reason norland is awesome is because of their compensation plan and quality product.

The Below image shows the product they have and the cost of the product and the point value (PV) it carries.

Their product is expensive but it works - 99% SURE

As you can see, I have sold their product. Most especially the vision capsules which they are selling for 12,000 Naira. I am selling mine for 25,000 naira.

The MEBO GI Capsules which they are selling for 14,800. I am selling mine for 25,000 naira as well.

I sell them in monthly supply.

The 1 Bottle for 25k, The two bottles for 45k and the 3 bottles for 60k. Calculate how much I am making as profit from this “Retail”. Well, when it comes to retail selling. My aim is to make as low as 10 – 15k per product.

Just last month, I made a whooping 800k selling just the MEBO GI Capsules for stomach ulcer sufferers.

The good news is that, the product is really working unlike other supplement you see in the pharmacy or shop.

Joining my team will give you the privilege to learn how I am selling out these products really fast. I am not a stingy “Upline”, I try my humble best to make sure I carry everyone along this path of success with norland. As I am typing this letter today, you may be asking “Francis, how about your downlines, are they doing great like you?... just like I said and showed you before. Most of my serious downlines are doing nothing less than 500k – 1M naira monthly. They have good cars, investment and home.

This company have very great product for different health issues so you can tell your friends, family members about the products and also tell them about the business opportunity.

It’s all about “Health and Wealth”

They have products for;

  • Stomach Ulcer – That’s the function of the MEBO GI Capsules.
  • Diabetes and High Blood Pressure – That’s the function of the Hypoglycaemic Capsules and the MEBO GI
  • Vision Problem such as glaucoma and cataract etc – That’s the function of the Vision Capsules. Etc.. 

More of these, I will reveal to you inside our training group on whatsapp.  

Norland product are selling really fast because of the excess demand and the effectiveness of the product. If you have done any MLM or you have good knowledge of selling. I believe you will make so much form this company (Norland).

You Can Start Norland With The Below Levels, depending on your products choice

  1. ENTRY MEMBER ; 70pvs minimum @ 45k
  2. SENIOR MEMBER: 128PVs @ N87k minimum
  3. BRONZE: 260PVs @ N167k minimum
  4. SILVER: 560PVs @ N350k minimum
  5. Gold: 1120PVs @ 700k minimum
  6. DIAMOND: 2240PVs @ minimum of 1.350M

However we have 60days to upgrade to a higher status as our status determines our weekly earning percentages.

If you start with Senior Member, You can always upgrade to a higher membership.

Remember, Anyone you start with, be it senior member or Bronze or anyone. the company will give you product worth that amount you joined with. it is left for you to sell of your product or use them. 

Now, If you join with Senior member and you bring it two new persons that join under you. The Company will pay you 28k cash and 40k product voucher (FREE PRODUCT) - more on this later.



 Success is becoming a plus ( CLICK HERE TO JOIN➕) on a daily  basis. Commitment and determination makes you a success more than talent does. Until you are angry with failure, you can not not enjoy success. If you want things to work, you must work them out. Association sponsored the pursuit of excellence. So, Don't associate yourself with those that are not going your direction.

Please note :: love is a must but relationships is by choice. Do not do things for money, but for impact, because the multiplying effect of your impact will bring the money you need. Let's go out there, and give to life what it demands. I wish everyone success in business.

Norland International is succeeding because it's built on the New Chinese Economy Model and you are a part of the success story.

Make your story also count.


Be heard.

You may start small on your business but certainly you won't stay small with a deliberate and passionate desire to succeed in this platform. If we stick together and build our brand as required in the MLM industry, I am absolutely positive that we can, and will someday soon, individually be celebrated.

This is a call to focus and action.

China is our model of transformation. From nothing to greatness. From a third world nation to a super power.

You too can transform everything about you if you so desire.

Join me to say....I AM A HERO.


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