Let Me Hold You By The Hand and Teach You About The NEWEST and The Very best Network Marketing Company in Nigeia... Plus How to Simply Start out with as low as 150,000 and grow it to 700,000 - 1M per month business right from the comfort of your home. 

Brought To You By Francis Edet –

A Norland 2018 Silver Medalist, 2019 Gold Medalist, 2018 south Africa trip qualifier, a 2019 SUV car qualifier, 2019 Malaysia Trip Qualifier, 2019 Soon to Be Silver Diamond

This Letter you're about to read now is for anyone that wants to make an extra BIG MONEY by just JOINing THIS COMPANY THAT IS JUST 11Months Old in Nigeria and Be among the first generational multi millionaires of this company. 

It's a Network Marketing Company with the best product and great Compensation plan... and not just that, they are New in Nigeria. Just 11 Months Old.

So, if you have ever failed in other networks or you have had great sucesss with other network.

Then, you need to join this one i am about revealing to you. 

The No. 1 Coaching Program For Health and Wealth. 

What I am about to reveal to you is not like any of those stories you have been told before. You are about to learn from someone that has great result.

When i mean someone with great result... I mean someone like me!!! 

(What you’re about to read and see has never been done before in Nigeria...)

My name is Francis Edet; Right now, I'm only 23 yrs old and I'm The CEO of EdeNet Media and Marketing… a media, digital marketing and research CAC registered firm, with head office at “The Last Floor, 29 Edet Akpan Avenue ( 4 Lanes), UYO, Akwa Ibom State.  

I’ve been doing internet marketing for over 4yrs.

I started out broke and I started out without a laptop of my own. My story may be bitter than yours but I want to let you know that, for you reading this page today. You have landed yourself in very fertile place of success. 

You see, back then in 2014, I just left school (Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron) where i was studying Martime Transport and Business management to chase my dream.

What was my dream? 

My dream was to make money online and to be financially stable. I tried all I could then. 

I tried adsense, freelancing, online surveys, just name it. For months, I worked hard online without a penny to show for it… my dad always hated what I did, he wanted me to focus on studying so I can get a job, but honestly I wanted a better life than what he had so I never listened to him. I just kept browsing, researching and one day, I uncovered a piece of knowledge that unlocked the door to my online success, I finally realized that the key to making money online is simply to…


I found out that all I needed to do was to: 

1: Discover people’s problem

2: Create a product that solves it

3: Then sell the product to them.  

I searched for what to sell for 6 months, then... i found a company called Norland. I learnt about the company and was ready to sell their product. then, i started working with norland. it's been 8 months so far i started working with them and i must say, it's been awesome. I've made so much money.

Norland is a multi level marketing company that deals with Health product.  

The truth is; the health industry is a billion-naira industry.

 After getting to know what I needed to sell was this norland product.  i started selling it and recruiting people to join norland and so far, its been amazing. 

The level of succcess i have gained working with Norland for the past 8months is greater than my 4yrs in internet marketing so i want you to join me in Norland today. 

Let eat and eat plenty money. 

... don’t take my word for granted. Let my results speak for themselves.

My business became so big that two times in a row, September and August, 2018... my company made over 6M naira. this money consist of the profit we make from selling the company's product and the weekly bonus. 

See The Images below...

As you can see, thats my company's account for the month of september, 2018. 

Dont mind me using the word "company", you see, i've got 4 staffs working for me. You can do it too. before i went ahead to register the company's name, i started little. so as your business grows... i believe you'll definately want to grow too so as to meet demands.

The Month of August 2018, my company did great fiqures too. All these fiqures are not just a day thing. it all started from somewhere. Imagine, i had ignored this same chinese company some month ago, i won't have been here telling you this. 

Just to remind you. last month... we did this crazy figure. 

Generating monthly income like this is just so regular right now...   

... but before then, just JULY, 2018... my business was slow.. 


I had a project to complete at hand which really took my time. as at then, i had just 1 staff but immeditaly i got back to work. i doubled the fiqure.

These are things i can help you to achieve too. 

See the project... 

In a second I will get you to know how you can start having these exact same results too.

As you can see, my bank account didnt just change working with NORLAND... EVERYTHING CHANGED!!!

I've got a better and well furnished office and extra 3 rooms office space for my staffs. 

Living well... what else should i tell you about Norland again ? 

Norland is simply the best... their weekly bonus can get you crazy. finanacially crazy. 

But listen, I don’t tell you any of these things to brag… these titles, these monies, they don’t move me anymore, truth is I’ve made way too much money in my life that sometimes I don’t believe it myself – sometimes I look at myself, so young yet so successful and it almost feels unfair. 

Some of this proofs will give you sleepless night because even when alot of people are still complaining about Nigeria Economy and blaming Government for everything, we keep living good. ALL THANKS TO GOD ALMIGHTY AND NORLAND. 

Just an Extra Pay from the company... 

Click Play and Watch The Video...

See how i login to my norland account and see how much i have earned so far... this video was made long time ago and as at then, i had made over 3.5M Naira as bonus. 

For you to know that, ever since i joined this company. my bank account has never remained the same.

Guess what, i'm not the only one enjoying all these benefits. 

My team members " Norland Millioniares", Thats the name of my team. they are also part of this party. The company gave this cars to my team members and money as well. "i didn't collect my own car because i already have cars" so i didnt collect mine. rather, i inturned collect money which was 6.5M Naira. 


So, i'm not one of those "upline" that doesnt carry their team member along. infact, to handle most request. the 4th staffs in my office helps me to shedule appoinment so i dont miss attending to my downline anysingle day. and i even go as far as adding you to my "personal whatsapp" group where you have the access to talk with me 24hrs/7days.

During the last CAR AWARD Day, my team member was with the country sales manager...

The person of MR KENNY

Thats the country sales manager "Mr Kenny and The wife beside my team member, the woman with the car key. we call her Pastor P

Cross Section of my fellow norland members.

Let me stop here for now... when you join and within 90 days, you cant see changes... HOLLAH Me. 

It's amazing when you see young hardworking guys and women earning legitimately through network marketing.  

Some of my team members and i have qualified for all expense paid trip to South Africa.

They call this place, the end of Africa. I was there. when you get there, check on the wall and you'll see my write up "Francis Edet was here" 

Just as you can see, i have gone to ethiopia and south africa because of norland. and guess what? it was an all expense paid trip in a 5 star hotel, 5 star resturant and also a presidential treat. I have gone far in this business but i still want to carry you along. i am not supposed to share this pictures but for the sake of some unbelievers that are viewing this page today. i just want to clear their doubt. 

Now am sure you have put away your doubt about this new business am about to reveal to you....

You Need To Join The League of Norland Big Boys and Girls. 


I only planned to teach just 50 people this new business because of the way Nigerians abuse opportunity,  its left to you to be among the smart folks. I think this is the best business you can start in this dwindling economy.

There is no way you will follow my training straight to point, No fluff method that you wont make a dime from this business. I showed a lady this same business in less than 2weeks she made over N365,000 from it. So if you try this for 30 days and it doesn't work, I will refund every penny and even dash you extra N5,000 for wasting your time.

This business is not for everyone as I want to keep this to myself and make at least minimum of N50million from this business in 2020 alone before revealing it but due to the fact that i want to help few Nigerians in this bad economy.

I will be revealing this same business to just 50 People who are ready to join. 


But, it will be of a greater advantage if you have more than 150k to start because you can't compare one man's step with another man's 100 steps. 

hence, what i am saying is that, if you start norland with a bigger money. you will enjoy so many benefit. i will show you the benefits on the other page. 

Let me show you the business I am Talking About;


...before i show you the business. You will have to go to the next page. 

CLICK ON THE "Show Me The Business You Are Talking About" BUTTON TO go the next page and LEARN ABOUT THIS BUSINESS. 

Once you Click on The "Show Me The Business You Are Talking About", you will be redirected to the business page. Right there on that page you'll see all about norland compensation plan and their product and how you can make millions from the company. 

DISCLAIMER: This website and it's partners have no relationship with Facebook, Google or any of the advertising platforms you may have seen our ads on. This website and all of it's contents is a property of EdeNet Media and Marketing.

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Every single income claim and proof we've shown you today are 100% true as stated on the website but the results are not typical, they are my own results from 4 years of being a successful internet marketer, nothing is average about me and as well, some other proof and claims are the results of students that I personally coached so their results are also not typical. You cannot expect to experience similar results overnight, some days I work as much as 20 hours, and because I don't know how much time you're willing to commit, how experienced you are or your total performance as a human being, I cannot in any way or form guarantee you'll get my kind of results. In this coaching, I did my best to make sure I teach you what is working right now but how you apply it and your experience will be the determining factor on the kind of results you will get, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ANYTHING.

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