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Emeka shares his story with anyone who cares to listen. In an emotion laden voice, he recounts his travails. “I never knew it could be better. I never knew Chiamaka and I were wasting our lives. I turned her into a punch bag. The frustration was so much that one day I thought of committing suicide. To say I became a beast within a twinkle of an eye was an understatement. It got to a point I wondered if I was under a spell when I approached my wife for marriage.
“Chiamaka my wife went for several tests alone but doctors told her she was okay clinically that she should exercise little patience. A year after, nothing changed. She went to other places but I refused to accompany her. It infuriated me so much because I never imagined I had a problem. I have always believed that it was always the women that have problem of infertility. This was the beginning of our problems.

“One evening, my mother came from the village. After the dinner she summoned both of us in the sitting room for a talk. I was not surprised that she came because of our problem and was not disappointed when she let the cat out of the bag. Chiamaka narrated how she went for medical examination and I refused to go. This statement also infuriated my mother. She was angry and said to my wife to buckle up and give her a grandchild. ‘Do you know how many children I have? It runs in the family to procreate and there is no way my son will be infertile,’ she said angrily.

From that night, the relationship between my mother and Chiamaka became sour. All through the five days she stayed with us in Lagos, my wife had it rough. There was nothing she could do to appease my mother. My mother even called her names and threatened that she must leave because according to her, a man does not get married to a man. If it was possible to exhaust tears from one’s eyes, my former wife would have ran out of tears,” he narrated with regrets in his voice.

With the kind of support Emeka enjoyed from his mother, he had nothing to worry about. “As if I was given a medical certificate showing Chiamaka was barren, I became more hostile to her. I beat her at any little provocation. This continued until my family encouraged us to have the marriage dissolved and then, my mother had already arranged a marriage proposal between me and my current wife,” he said with tears

That was how Emeka kept marrying wives till he discovered what was his problem, He was always blaming the women even when they were clinically proved okay.

Firstly you need to know what is your problem before you can think of solution

If you are reading this page because you finding it hard to impregnate your woman I will encourage you to read to the end

We found tested and trusted discoveries that has worked for many over the years and am sure your case will not be different 

I started exposing myself to the scams littering everywhere. As you know, everywhere you turn to these days, you will see adverts promising one instant miracle product even though 98% of them are scams. But I was desperate, so I was buying everything – concoctions, supplements and pills that promised to turn me into a real

Not able to make your wife a mother is very frustrating only those who are experiencing this will understand

in case you are still doubting we don’t mind giving you their phone numbers to call them in person to confirm


“Dear Dr. Quick herbals. I am name withheld  . I got to know your product through a colleague in the office, who successfully used your product. I have been married for nine years with no child. My wife and I conducted several test, and I was confirmed infertile due to no sp.erm cells. I used different herbs and pills with no positive result. I disclosed my challenges to a colleague during a long conversation in the office. He expressed a degree of sympathy and introduced me to Dr.QUICK, and assured me that its very effective, owing to the fact that many people have successfully used it, including him. I contacted one of your consultants through him and he recommended Dr. QUICK for me. I purchased the drug and commenced the administration with immediate effect. Though I was reluctant at first, having visited many places and used several products with nothing to show for it. But to my blessed surprises, two months after, my wife started feeling unusually sick. We went to the hospital and the Doctor confirmed her pregnant. When my medications were exhausted, I went back to the hospital to check how far and according to the scientist the fluid was full of millions of cells.
Your DR Quick product works like magic. We are very grateful to God for using it to restore happiness in my family”.


“I live in jalingo, Taraba state. I got married since 2007. After two years of marriage, there was no issue. I went to the hospital for diagnosis and was diagnosed of severe low co.unt. Since then, my wife and I have gone through a lot of reproductive issues. We have been to several hospitals and have used several drugs as prescribed by fertility experts. But we couldn’t bear fruits. We had already given up on trying many products, owing to the fact that we have used uncountable locally made and foreign products. There was pressure upon us from both families as everybody was expecting us to have our own children. At a point, last year September to be precised, we started considering adopting a child legally. One day, I disclosed my ordeals to a bosom friend of mine. He felt my pains and introduced me to a product called DR.QUICK. I felt discouraged at first because I have used similar products. He encouraged me to buy the product. Two weeks after pondering over the genuineness of the product with my dear wife, we agreed to give it a trial. We ordered for it and it was delivered down to our home. We started taking the products. After two months, while still on this medication, my wife tested positive. It was incredible at first, but today, God has blessed our marriage with a baby boy, using DR. QUICK”


“I have been married since 2012, without any fruit. I went to several medical Laboratories to check my status, and the results confirmed I had az.ospermia . I was introduced to numerous products. My status remained the same after using them. My wife was already giving up.
One day while I was going through my wall, I came across your page , and I read so many testimonies about DR.Quick. My instinct was strongly drawn to it. So, I decided to give it a try. I called one of your consultants; he recommended four (4) of DR. QUICK to me and directed me to a pharmacy in Jos where the product was distributed. I bought four (4) containers and after using two (2) containers, I decided to go for another test to know how far my count has improved. My Lab results this time around stated that my count has been elevated from zero to over five million cells.

I strongly believed that after using the remaining two, my fertility will be fully restored.
I bless the name of God for using DR. QUICK to boost my fertility”.


“Hello, Dr Quick Herbals. I have been using Dr Quick Herbal capsule since November, 2016, as regards the fertility challenge I am experiencing for nearly 2 decades now, Az.ospermia to be specific.
I want to bring to your notice that my count has been elevated from zero to 10 million, according to the analysis conducted in the hospital earlier this week. I had only used 2 containers out of the products that you recommended for me. The drugs are very effective. By the time I’m done with all the medications, my count will be boosted by God’s grace. I thank God for using your product to rekindle my dying hope”

As you can see, these are regular people, just like you and me, who decided they wanted TO BE free FROM infertility problems. There are so many testimonies I would have posted here but I won’t due to space. Your testimony could be next but this depends on you. Your success depends on the choices you make, if you make the right choice and make it right on time, you will achieve what you want to achieve. Take a bold step TODAY! You too can be a testifier!


Here’s The Natural Remedy am Talking About…



DR Quick 

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      Turning men into Fathers


DR.QUICK Capsule is a highly recommended natural male fertility capsule specifically designed to improve sperm count, motility, volume, hormonal imbalance and revives dead  cells. Use continuously for at least three to four months for best result.

Dr.Quick herbal capsule contains extract from potent medicinal plants scientifically proven to be beneficial in reproductive health such as walnut. The health benefits and medicinal properties of these herbal plants are known since antiquity. Walnut which is one of the ingredients of Dr.Quick is an edible kernel of the fruit from trees belonging to Juglandaceae family. They are packed with most of the important ingredients to generate life.
• Proteins; which are required for building and repair of body tissues which includes a growing baby in the womb.
• Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid [EFA]; which supports healthy fertility by helping to regulate hormones.
• Vitamin E; which is very essential to fertility because it supports the nerve cells and red blood cells.
• It also contains healthy vitamin B-complex which is also necessary for a pregnant woman and the fetus.
A number of studies and laboratory research have unraveled the biological actions of different ingredients of Dr.Quick. Research on these ingredients in recent years has identified a number of health benefits in area of reproduction in both experimental animals as well as clinical trials in humans.
Dr.Quick is made with 100% natural ingredients with no side effects.



Take 2Tabs in the morning before meal and 2Tabs in the evening

During the treatment you MUST abstinence from sexual activities for 30 days


3 to 4 Bottles for sure result  

So, how can you get it? 

Here is How to Get Dr Quick Herbal Capsule that I and many others used…



90 Tablets – 4tabs daily 
(1 Bottle) = 15,000 Naira
Instead of 18,000 Naira


180 Tablets – 4tabs daily 
(2 Bottles) = 23,000 Naira
Instead of 36,000 Naira


270 Tablets – 4tabs daily 
(3 Bottles) = 32,000 Naira
Instead of 54,000 Naira


I encourage you to order the 3 bottles because you’ll get the desired result with that and you won’t have to keep spending money on this again. 3 bottles is the BEST! 

You need to know that, I offer 90 Days Money Back Guarantee; I know a lot of you may be harbouring some doubts about the claims. Well, it’s not just like every other claim you find out there. This one is different.

I wouldn’t be daring it if am not sure of the result you’ll get when you start using the “3 Bottles of Dr Quick”.

I wouldn’t take such risk if I haven’t personally tried the product myself and it did wonders for me. Because I have tried it and it worked as claimed for me. So, I think I should extend the guarantee to you. So, I repeat; “Order for the product (3 Bottles), use it for 90 days, and if it doesn’t deliver as promises… Call me on phone or send a text message and ask for your money back” No quibbles, no face tightening.  You get back every kobo you paid. And I will even make a public apology to you for wasting your time.   

By the way, if you’re still not sure whether the product is the answer for you, consider this:

If you were to see a doctor this will cost you much more than 32,000 naira. I know this because I have personally been charged much more than 32,000 Naira. Plus doctors will not give you the product I can offer you. A doctor will tell you to live with the condition. There are many options for you to choose. It’s really up to you.

This Product Works Perfectly!

So you need to hurry, act fast, place order and get this solutions right now…


Here’s How to Order your own Ryde-on Herbal Capsule at a Discount Price today.

No Need to Fear if this is real or not because…You only pay when the product has been brought to you face to face by our delivery person which usually takes 24hrs – 4 days after placing your order. And secondly, we do not charge you any extra fee for delivery (shipment), we bring it down to your doorsteps anywhere you live in Nigeria at no extra cost – WE CALL These, FREE DELIVERY AND YOU PAY ON DELIVERY.

NOTE: Please, Do Not Place an Order If You Are Not Ready to pay and Receive Your Product within the Next 24hrs – 4 days.

Why i am giving this warning is because of some unserious buyers who think i am not real, they end up placing an order and do not make themselves available to receive their order.

Some order and when the delivery agent call to deliver, they give excuses, which is really unfair. In as much as i am not charging for delivery… I spend money to deliver this item to you. I do not want to charge you for that because I’m approaching 46 yrs old now, so I still want the whole world to know about my unique, life-changing discovery.

Though, these have really cost me a lot so i want to plead with you to only order if you are ready to receive your order within the estimated days (2 – 4 Days) and you should please keep the money for the product.

Don’t Forget;

  • 1 Bottle of DR QUICK is 15,000 Naira
  • 2 Bottles of DR QUICK is 23,000 Naira


Kindly Fill The Form Below to place your order… Once you fill the form correctly, I will call you to confirm your order. Please Don’t fill the form if you are not ready to receive your order as explained above.


Once, I received your details to place an order by filling the form above. You will receive a call from me to confirm your order. Your products will then be sent to our courier service partner (the delivery company we use to deliver products). You’ll receive it within 2 – 4 days… and you will give the money to the delivery person.

Call/SMS/WhatsApp: 07031024493 if you have more questions

Note: The product will be packaged discreetly and no one else will know what’s inside, and every other information will be kept private and 100% confidential.

You can always ask your questions and inquiry via Text or call our customer care lines.

For orders in Lagos, expect your item to get to you within the same day or next day, once your order has been confirmed and shipped out. While for orders outside Lagos, depending on the state/city, you will receive your items within 2 – 4 days.