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Stomach ulcers are sores in the lining of the stomach or small intestine. They occur when the protective mucus that lines the stomach becomes ineffective. The stomach produces a strong acid to help digest food and protect against microbes. To protect the tissues of the body from this acid, it also secretes a thick layer of mucus. If the mucus layer is worn away and stops functioning effectively, the acid can damage the stomach tissue, causing an ulcer.

An “ulcer” is an open sore. The word “peptic” means that the cause of the problem is due to acid. Most of the time when a gastroenterologist is referring to an “ulcer” the doctor means a peptic ulcer.

The two most common types of peptic ulcer are called “gastric ulcers” and “duodenal ulcers”. These names refer to the location where the ulcer is found. Gastric ulcers are located in the stomach (see Figure 1). Duodenal ulcers are found at the beginning of the small intestine (also called the small bowel) known as the duodenum. A person may have both gastric and duodenal ulcers at the same time.

Photograph of a peptic ulcer taken during an upper endoscopy. This ulcer is a “gastric ulcer” because it is located in the stomach.

Let me share with you how an Angel gave me drugs that healed me of stomach ulcer

My name is Umoh Ekpo, 49yrs of age, I was diagnosed with ulcer in the year 1996 then as a young man in Akwa Ibom State, I had ulcer before I moved to Abuja in 2002 but before then, there was nothing I didn’t try call it western and local herbal drugs. Some of those drugs reduced the pain I was feeling but it didn’t last longer than 6months before the pain resurfaced , When I got to Abuja I visited different hospitals searching for permanent solution some Doctors gave me hope while some told me ulcer does not have cure that I should manage it like that till the day I die.  Only those suffering ulcer will understand the pains, sleepless nights, gnawing or burning pain in the abdomen, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, bloating, weight loss, headaches, diarrhea or constipation, feeling sick, dizziness, rashes etc.

Sometimes it subsides, but becomes more painful later on; I was always open to suggestions from my Doctors and close friends who knew what I was passing through.

Below where natural remedies I tried

1 Honey

2 Garlic

3 Ripped bananas

4 Soaking unripe plantain

The above were the local remedy that worked for me but for a short period; I remember how I ate ripped banana that I almost turned to a monkey lol……

I spent so much money purchasing different kinds of drugs online and offline because I was desperate for cure, but did any work? NO there didn’t though some will start promising but never lasted 3months before the pains resurfaced.

During these years of my agony I learnt a lot,

If you are suffering from, or just think you may have, stomach ulcer then you should get to know all the facts about stomach ulcers. This important information could save you from months of unnecessary stress and suffering, by putting you on the right track – right now!

This disease seems nonthreatening but if it is left unchecked for an extended period of time, it can lead to bleeding in your digestive system and even death.

Take a few minutes to learn the truth about what most doctors can’t (and sometimes won’t) tell you why the most commonly prescribed treatments fail nearly 70% of the time, and how this can affect you in ways you may not have thought possible.

We trust you will find this helpful in avoiding any further stress, suffering or disappointment when dealing with your stomach ulcer condition, so that you can regain your good health once again.



These are the facts about stomach ulcers most people don’t know about. Some of them may come as a shock if you think that this doesn’t happen to a lot of people;

Approximately 1 in every 8 people will develop duodenal ulcers or stomach ulcers in their lifetime.

Stomach Ulcers affect more than 3 million people each year in Nigeria alone.

Every year over 300,000 people round the world have ulcer related surgery because of persistent symptoms or complications.

Each year nearly 4,000 people die of ulcer-related complications in Nigeria alone.

Another major cause of ulcers is the prolonged use of aspirin and other painkillers, commonly known as NSAID’s.



  •   People of any age can suffer from ulcers.
  •   Women are just as prone to stomach ulcers as men are.
  •   About 1 in every 20 gastric ulcers lead to stomach cancer.
  •   Duodenal ulcers may occur in adults of any age.
  •   Gastric ulcers affect mainly adults older than 40 years
  •   The older you get, the more prone you will become to H. pylori infection.


These are really important facts about ineffective and damaging ulcer treatments – most of which have purposely been kept from the public by health professionals and drug companies.

The sad fact is that nearly ALL doctors already know about this, because they all experience it almost all the time in their own practices, with their own patients.

The biggest cause of failure is due to patients not being able to complete their course of treatment…and this is attributed directly to the harsh and well documented negative effects of prescribed treatments

#1 – Doctor cannot guarantee that their treatment will work, nor do they know that there is a clinically proven natural cure that does guarantee results (more on this below)

#2 – Thousands of ulcer sufferers have taken more than 4 courses of the same antibiotic treatment – yet they still have stomach ulcers and H. pylori.

#3 – Some doctors spend more time treating negative side effects of Triple Therapy, than they do when treating the original stomach ulcer or H. pylori infection. (Natural cures by comparison have no negative effects)

#4 – The latest drugs being produced for the treatment of H. pylori are now being made more powerful in an attempt to be more effective – but sadly the negative side effects are not getting any better (this is the main cause of patients abandoning treatment.)

#5 – The ONLY way to effectively treat stomach ulcers caused by H. pylori infection is to treat the H. pylori infection.

#6 – Many ‘old school’ doctors still hold on to the outdated ‘No Acid, No Ulcer’ mentality, and insist on treating the symptoms of Acid Reflux (GERD) only.


By now you have probably figured out why most doctors are not telling you the real facts about Helicobacter Pylori infections, or about the limitations they are faced with as far as treatments go. We hope that this information is going to help you to avoid the disappointment of choosing any treatment that does not treat the cause (Helicobacter pylori).

Let me tell you how I discovered this wonder working treatment that has made me a happy man today, my jumping from one hospital to another made me friends and one of them was Dr Yusuf Ali who works in Primus hospital in karu site, Abuja.

It was one of those troubled days for me when I was going through a very serious pain, I met with Dr Ali, he was assigned to do some check up on me then we began conversing on how long I have had the ulcer, the kind of medication I have taken and if there have been an improvement since I took the medication. I opened up to him on how I have spent so much money but no lasting solution gotten yet.

There he told me something, before I met him I already met with over 50 doctors on same issue but they were not open as Dr Ali Maybe because he wasn’t a Nigerian, sad thing. He gave me one example; if one has malaria there would be symptoms like headache or fever right? I nodded my head yeah! He asked again, to make the headache and fever go away what is the best thing to do, take Panadol for the headache and fever to go away?

I answered him “No, best thing is to treat malaria then the fever and headache will vanish.

He went ahead to explain to me that pharmaceutical industries only promote drugs that will resolve symptoms to ulcer not the main cure to ulcer because they know once you are cure they would be out of business. That is why they keep feeding us with drugs that will stop the symptoms for sometimes not cure. He made me to understand that most doctors and pharmaceutical industries are after profit not really giving total cure so a patient will remain in their bondage as long as they want

Sadly I asked him, “are there really permanent cure for ulcer? He answered me yes. I said to myself so there is cure all these years but my doctors refused to opened up to me, tears ran down my cheeks. I summoned courage to continue the conversation, I asked him “Dr is it that the drug is too expensive or we cannot find it here in Nigeria?

He answered and said not really about it being expensive but those drugs are not popular, like he said earlier pharmaceutical industries only promote what will give them money continuously not what will cure people completely. He saw the sadness in my face and promised to help me but I must promise to keep it secret that no other ear should hear in that hospital.

I was shocked and WOW to hear that!

He further went on to say that the solution is being imported by his unit from China for some special patients, and been administered to top hospital in the USA, China, Canada and some African Countries having same issue, The sad thing is that it’s not common in the market.

He asked me to see him in a week time, I went back to meet with him as scheduled

He handed me a brown sealed envelope

These where his words,He said to me, Mr Umoh, This package came in yesterday because I had to ordered it from china since I didn’t have access to the special packs here in this hospital, this is for you. Total cost plus shipping is $400 dollars, Do not open here, do it when you get home.I was so curious to say something He went ahead to say, I have written the prescriptions and duration you will have to take it for final healing.I bursted out with questions

Dr Ali you said $400? At then dollar was 200 naira per dollar.

He Replied yes it worth it I challenge you to finish this drugs within fixed time then get back he said.

I wasn’t with amount up to 80,000 naira with me but I was ready to pay in fact anything that will safe me from years of pains. Surpriasly, Dr Ali said to me, Mr Umoh do not worry about the money because it came to me as a challenge to help you. I was short of words but I still insisted on paying even when I didn’t see the content in the sealed envelope.

Dr Ali threatens to take back the package if I insist on paying him immediately.

These where his last words to me “Mr Umoh please come back with payment once you are done taking this medications and you must come back with empty packs to prove to me that you did finish it, go now!

This is what I found in the envelope when I got home


Inside was a manual and prescriptions.

I blessed the day I met Dr Yusuf Ali

I started using it immediately and guess what?

I couldn’t believe what happened afterwards… barely, within 20days of taking the supplement. My life improved to a point of rest of mind, the three packs lasted for 30days.

Sleepless nights, gnawing or burning pain in the abdomen, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, bloating, weight loss, headaches, diarrhea or constipation, feeling sick, dizziness, rashes all seized!

I wanted to be sure before returning to Dr Yusuf Ali

To further authenticate the effectiveness of the solution, I went to my regular diagnosed center for confirmation tests. Blood, breath, stool and tissue digestive tract (biopsy) where all carried out, He couldn’t believe it, and he still refuses to believe that my ulcer was no more.

Next day I took empty drugs packs and ran back to primus specialist hospital karu site Abuja, to appreciate Dr Yusuf Ali with the sum of 100,000 naira instead of 80,000 naira earlier agreed but his secretary gave me the shocking news of my life.

Dr Yusuf Ali was transferred to India a week before I got there and his former secretary refused to hand me his contact in India. I went home sad wishing I had return earlier to see him, when I got home from the manual I received with the capsules I was able to trace where He purchased the medication.

A year and six months passed no sign or symptom of ulcer then I took it as a challenge to help others ulcer sufferers.

I then decided to use that money I wanted to pay to Dr Ali, I used it to import in some of the drugs for some people I knew in my church and sister’s office that I knew were suffering from ulcer. Needless to say, it worked for them just as well! As soon as I was confident enough that this remedy worked all the time, I started sharing it with other ulcer sufferers. And every single one of them has experienced incredible results.

I was importing it in dollars till when BABA came into power dollars jumped to 300 to 400 per naira I couldn’t continue. I changed plans and started making talks with the company to come down to Nigeria so my people can be free from all kinds of ulcer. I and my friends who benefited from the solution kept pushing, I am proud to announce to you they finally came and they are now in Nigeria since last year October 21-2017

Global expansion! Opening ceremony of Norland’s Nigeria branch held successfully!

See us in the photo looking very happy to receive them

So many men and women have given up upon their ulcer problems and believe it’s hopeless if you are among those people I bring you hope today!

Believe me because I’ve been there. Some time, I wonder if anybody alive has had it bad as I did. I’ve had it rough, and think I stand a better chance to advise anyone currently having the issue on how to go about it and avoid wasting your money. Since I was very young, I’ve always been treating ulcer. When I got to 35yrs old, I almost died.

I’m approaching 50yrs now, so I still want the whole world to know about my unique, life-changing discovery.

Let me give you a little background knowledge on what this product can do

Product Advantages:
Provides an innovative formulation that mimics mucus naturally secreted by mucosa and adheres to the GI lining to protect the mucosa from further injury or irritation. Isolates GI lesions from the low pH environment of the stomach so as to promote physiological regeneration and repair of mucosal membrane. Provides regenerative nutrients to the GI Tract to stimulate self-healing of the body via cultivation of stem cells. Reduces or eliminates scarring of the GI lining to promote efficient absorption of nutrients and prevent relapse of GI disorders.
Use as General Health Food Supplement
– Enhancing absorption of nutrients from food
– Promoting regeneration and health of normal cells in the body
– Maintaining homeostasis of the body
Repair & Regeneration of Mucosa of the Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract
– Peptic Ulcer
– Gastroduodenal ulcer
– Gastritis
– Esophagitis
– Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
– Damage to mucosa due to radiation and chemotherapy
– Cancer in the GI Tract (e.g., gastric cancer, colon cancer)
Prevention & Relief of GI Tract Disorders
– Constipation
– Irritation to stomach by alcohol or spicy food
– Atrophy, necrosis, erosion or degeneration of mucosa due to aging and/or stress

Key ingredients: this health product mainly contains scutellaria, propolis, seasam oil.
Suitable for:mild gastric damage, constipation.
Not suitable for: people allergic to seasam oil.

This medication is Scientifically & Clinically proven to cure ulcer within a short period of time then regenerate dead cells in the body

Case I: Female, age 46, peptic ulcer in the antrum of the stomach.

Case II: Female, age 50, peptic ulcer in the antrum of the stomach.

Case III: Male, age 41, duodenal ulcer

Case IV: Male, age 59, peptic ulcer and erosive gastritis due to pancreatic cancer chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


This capsule does not only cure ulcer but also solve below issues

  1. For clearer pupils or adjustment of eye-sight
  2. For nasal defects or mouth ulcers and defeat, bad teeth
  3. For broken bones, severed fingers, skin ulcers and cancers
  4. For protection or repair of lungs or treatment of lung cancers
  5. For anti-aging, scars, wrinkles, skin lift e.t.c
  6. For Diabetes, fibroid, cysts, hypertension, Stomach ulcers, high blood pressure and other metabolic disorders
  7. For gastric cancers, prostate cancers, pancreatic cancers, liver cirrhosis, and almost every other kind of cancers and intractable disease

This capsule is mostly considered as miracle capsule



Testimony 1, I am writing to let you know that 4 weeks after completing the course of MBO GI capsules, my husband had another stool test for h.pylori, and the results read “normal”. What a welcome result, after almost two years, and seven different combinations of antibiotics. We can only put this down to MEBO GI capsules. Thank you. Amaka, From Owerri Imo state


Testimony 2,  I did have the HPSA performed and the results for H. Pylori were negative.  Thank you for this wonderful supplements capsules.  I really appreciate that I didn’t have to take other drugs to eradicate this problem.  I am happy IshaAllah. Mustapha, From Kano


Testimony 3, “Just a quick thank you. I bought your product this Year Jan, in hopes I could be ulcer free by march. In a little over three weeks, the pains and symptoms were all gone! What a relief!! Thank you doesn’t feel sufficient enough. Please use this testimony as my sincere gratitude. Garba Ade, University of Ibadan.

Testimony 4, I had 3 treatments from different doctors and they didn’t know what was wrong with me. Then I went to a natural therapist for treatment last year. For the past years I have been taking different natural remedies, it made a huge improvement but took a lot longer than the natural therapist thought. I have never been tested for Ulcer, as no one ever told me about it, A friend of mine told me about how you were helping people get rid of ulcer with MEBO GI capsules, I am happy I took the action to order from you. Thank you and remain blessed. Edidiong Etuk From Cross River state


Testimony 5,  I went for an endoscopy on 20th of Dec 2017, and was told that everything was ok and that there was no sign of the ulcer. I was very pleased with the good news so I would like to say a very big thank you to you and your  discovery MEBO GI capsules”, it, s a” Miracle capsule”. and would highly recommend it. Yours Gratefully And once again a big THANK YOU,
Olasupo From Oyo state


Testimony 6,  “I wish I can express my heart, Just a whole lot of thanks for introducing me to this Miracle Capsule. It worked magic for my husband who suffers for diabetes for years, and all I can say is that I am now a total believer in anything natural. God bless!”  Mrs. Aniekebo Port Harcourt.


Testimony 7, “I have been suffering from ulcer since I was a 4yrs old. After hearing about your product from my colleagues, I was a bit skeptical, but eager to try it at the same time. 4 weeks using the package as you recommended, my ulcer vanished. Thanks a lot. You saved a life!”

Engr. Dozie, Warri Delta State.


Testimony 8, I thought my Doctor was helping before I found GI capsules, My Dr told me that my ulcer is beyoung drugs except I go for surgery but thank God I gave GI capsules a try, My Ulcer just confirmed totally healed.

I can’t thank you enough for this great discovery.

Uche Chime, Enugu


Testimony 9: “I want to recommend this GI capsule for anyone that wants to free themselves from Ulcer, diabetes and Toothache. I tried just about every treatment out there, but it only got more expensive and potentially dangerous on the long run. Fortunately, after giving a try to this modest product, my ulcer symptoms vanished, and it’s been over 5 months that it has not returned” I bought for my mum I hope to hear good news soon. Mallam Isa Nuhu. Niger state.


Testimony 10: My Wife nearly stopped me from purchasing this drugs due to high cost and she didn’t trust if you were real but I took the risk, today I am happy I need she even recommending to people in her office.

Oga Umoh Na God go bless you for sharing this with us.

Hope Omale, Kogi State.


Testimony 11, This was my first time purchasing from a total stranger since I came to Nigeria as a contractor, I used different remedies to cure my ulcer in my country but there all failed me. GI Capsule cured me with no scars.

Thank you for recommending. Alexander scof, Germany   



You see?

I wouldn’t want to push you further. But one thing I’m sure of is that, you’d become another campaigner OF this Remedy. Believe me! After you must have used the solution and attest to how powerful it works. Believe me; This Solution is like no other. And I can bet myself for that.

I hope you will send your testimony once you are fully free from ulcer after taking MEBO GI capsule to encourage others.


This Product is approved by NAFDAC!

I have to be HONEST with you!

Now, if you’re QUICK, You Can Grab Yours TODAY.

See this is my little way to help as many people as possible escape the frustration I passed through, no thanks to annoying ulcer, I will forever be grateful to Dr Ali who opened my eyes to this

More and more Newspapers, online media, Facebook, Twitter and top blogs are covering this epic discovery, leading more people to this website.

One thing I’m sure of right now is that… Your mind is filled with doubt.

“Will this work?”

“Is this real… or another scam?”

So, how can you get it?

This company just came into the country so for now their product is very scares in the market but before next year I believe they will make it available to pharmacies and stores to sell.

To get the original of this product I can help you order for it since I am their Nigeria major distributor and you don’t have to worry about dollar rate because through me you will get it at a cheaper rate while the company bears the shipping fees.

It’s Up to you to grab it today or risk never getting this amazing solution forever. As I don’t plan to import more of this package, so I’m sorry for you if you leave this page without placing your order.



Here is The Cost of the Ulcer Capsule…

 1 Bottle Treatment: (40 tablets) = 25,000 Naira instead of normal 30,000 naira

It will last only 10 days.

2 Bottles Treatment: (80 tablest) = 45,000 Naira instead of Normal 60,000 naira

two bottles will last for 20days

3 Bottles Treatment: (3 Bottles one month treatment) = 65,000 Naira (FULL PACKAGE)


This will last for 30days

The Most Recommended Treatment Is the 3 Bottles (1 Month Treatment), You’ll Get Your Desired Result with That…

I know is not everyone that can afford to order for 3 bottles at once but if you can

I encourage you to order the 3 bottles because you’ll get the desired result with that and you won’t have to keep spending money on this again. 1 month treatment is the BEST because is full package!

So my brother and sister, i will say… if you can afford it, go for it. if you can buy for others, try to as well. There’s always a reward for our good did.

I know a lot of persons reading this now will be harboring some doubts about the claims. Well, it’s not just like every other claim you find out there. This one is different. I wouldn’t dare it if I am not sure of the result you’ll get when you start using the “3 Bottles of MEBO GI CAPSULES”.

I wouldn’t take such risk if I haven’t tried it personally and it did wonders for me. Because I have tried it and it worked as claimed for me. People now address me as “ULCER DOCTOR” So I think I should extend the guarantee to you.

So, I repeat; “Order for the full package (1 month treatment), use it for 30 days, and if it doesn’t deliver as promises… Call me on phone or send a text message and ask for your money back” No quibbles, no face tightening.  You get back every kobo you paid. And I will even make a public apology to you for wasting your time but if you can afford less than 3 bottles i will still encourage you to try it out.

By the way, if you’re still not sure whether the product is the answer for you, consider this:

If we are to calculate the normal cost of the 1 month treatment, you’re to pay just 60,000 Naira. That’s not a big money for those who know what it means to have been going through this. I can recall I spent over N200, 50000 on a product that didn’t give me desired result.

And, if you were to do surgery, this will cost you much more than 65,000 naira. I know this because I have personally been charged much more than 65,000 Naira. Plus doctors will not give you the product I can offer you. A doctor will tell you to live with the condition. There are many options for you to choose. It’s really up to you.

For a severe ulcer problem any kind of ulcer being Peptic Ulcer, Gastric Ulcer, Esophageal Ulcer, Bleeding Ulcer, Refractory Ulcer, Stress Ulcer or whatever your Doctor told you … The recommended treatment for that is the 1 month treatment package for a total cure.

Here Is How To Make an Order and receive it while you make payment upon delivery…

You see my friend, I’m a Nigerian and I know you may be wondering if you will pay first before you get this product. NO!

You don’t have to pay first, once you place your order… I will send the item to your state and once it gets to your state… I will ask my delivery agent to pick it up and bring it to your provided address at no extra cost. So, once the delivery agent brings it to you. You can collect the item and give the money to him/her.  This delivery usually takes 2 – 4 days after placing your order.

You stay in your home and order then we deliver it to you. You don’t send money first; you pay when the item has been brought to you face to face.

NOTE: Please, Do Not Place an Order if you are not ready to pay and receive Your Product within Monday – Friday.

If you are not financially ready, don’t bother ordering.
You can just save my number so once the money is ready, you can order.

Why I am giving this warning is because of some un-serious buyers, who think I am not real, will end up placing an order and do not make themselves available to receive their order.

Some order and when the delivery agent call to deliver, they give excuses, which is really unfair. In as much as i am not charging for delivery… I spend money to deliver this item to you. I do not want to charge you for that because I still want the whole world to know about my unique, life-changing discovery.

Though, it will cost me money to deliver the item to you but I do not ask you to pay. Just pay for the product cost and you receive the product and start using. So that is why I am pleading with you to only order if you are ready to receive your order within the estimated days (2 – 4 Days) and you should please keep the money for the product.

Don’t Forget;

  • 1 Bottle is 25,000 Naira
  • 2 Bottles is 45,000 Naira

How To Get The MEBO GI Capsules…

To get the mebo GI capsules, you will need to Place an order (The GI capsules is deliver base on ordering. 

There are 2 options to place your order…
USE only one option please so I don’t receive multiple order.

NOTE: Once you place order via any of the below options, i will waybill it to your state so once it gets to your state.my delivery agent will pick it up and call you to deliver.

When the delivery agent gets to you. You collect the product and give the money to him/her.

DOSAGE is 2 tablets in the morning 30minutes before or after meal and another 2tablets in the evening after meal or 30minutes to bed.

If you have any question or Clarification before you order, call me with the below Phone Number: 07056524799

Otherwise, If You’re Okay with every words on this page, You can go ahead and place your order. Don’t Forget, even after placing your order, you can still call me in case you have any question or you need clarification on anything.

Option 1:

Send an SMS/Text Message with the below details to 07056524799

– Your Full Name,
– Your Full address + LGA/State,
– Your Phone Number (Provide 2 Numbers If available),
– Specify the number of bottle(s) you are ordering + Product Name.


Mr Umoh,
ikpa Road ikeja, Lagos,
07056524799, 0816475744.
3 bottles of mebo GI Capsule


Option 2: Kindly fill the form below… Once you fill the form correctly, I will send the item to your state and once it gets to your state… I will ask my delivery agent to pick it up and bring it to your provided address. Please don’t fill the form if you are not ready to receive your order within the next 4days (if you are outside Lagos). And please don’t fill the form if you have placed your order through TEXT Message already.

Please Fill The Form Adequately. (If you don’t have a second phone number, kindly repeat the first number). And secondly, once you fill the form.. Click on “Submit Your Order”, immediately you do that, kindly wait for it to load so it takes you to the “THANK YOU FOR ORDERING Page”.

Since you have filled the form and clicked on “Submit Your Order”, kindly wait for the order to be submitted. you will be redirected to a “Thank you PAGE”

For orders in Lagos, expect your item to get to you within the same day or next day if you wish, while for orders outside Lagos, depending on the state/city, you will receive your items within 2 – 4 days.

All The Best